Real Estate, Construction & Interior Design in Kenya

Welcome to Josmo industries Real Estate, Construction & Interior Design, your premier destination for exquisite interior design and construction solutions in Nairobi, Kenya and across Africa, spanning over a decade of crafting exceptional projects. Our mission? To redefine luxury and functionality, one space at a time.

Embracing our signature “inside to outside” approach, we prioritize understanding our clients’ needs at the core. Here, dreams meet reality, and expectations are surpassed with unparalleled quality and style.


At Josmo we envision a landscape where opulence meets timelessness, fueled by innovation, integrity, and unwavering passion. Our commitment? To set new benchmarks in the realms of interior design and construction.


Our mission is to bestow upon our clients a new paradigm of luxury and intrinsic value, seamlessly blending heritage with foresight. With a keen eye on the past and a vision for the future, we empower our clientele to embark on a journey of transformative elegance and functionality.

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